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What's New in our Office

Retinal Camera

We've installed the latest and greatest in digital imaging technology, the Topcon NW6S retinal camera. 

This amazing camera allows us to take crystal clear images of the retina. It is invaluable at helping detect diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, macular degeneration, and many other retinal problems. And it serves as a wonderful tool for obtaining baseline information in order to compare images at later dates.


Glaucoma Testing

 Our state of the art OCT (optical coherence tomographer) uses a laser to scan the retina and provide detailed cross sectioned images (similar to an MRI) and to take critical measurements of the retina and optic nerve in microns (a millionth of a meter). This amazing device truly aids in the early detection of a disease that can be difficult to diagnose in it's early stage. It is also very vaulable in imaging patients with macular degeneration and diabetic eye diease.

Our visual field machine tests peripheral vision which is what glaucoma initially affects in a subtle manner that a patient wouldn't notice on their own.



Not crazy about that air puff machine? Well it's important to measure your eye pressure since it's a major risk factor in glaucoma, however we have a neat and new alternative. We recently added the new iCare handheld tonometer that's truly a breeze. Just tell us ahead of time if you prefer not to have the "air puff".

 Automated Refracting Technology

We are pleased to be one of few offices to utilize an autorefractor AND an automated digital refracting system. This helps to ensure the most accurate prescription for your glasses and contact lenses.  The doctor's skill is still important but these tools are truly helpful in delivering state of the art care.

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